FIFA 14 Wishlist – The Best Of

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The best of FIFA 14 Wishlist selected from user-submitted ideas at FIFPlay FIFA 14 Wishlist page.

The best ideas listed below have been submitted before 20th October 2012. You can submit your ideas for FIFA 14 at at

In the video below you can see the summary of the best FIFA 14 ideas:

FIFA 14 Best Ideas

FIFA 14 Press Conference
FIFA 14 Press Conferences and Interviews
After match interviews and press conference where you can answer media questions either a a team coach or a player

FIFA 14 Motion Editor
Motion Studio
An editor which allows you to design your very own skill moves as well as your celebrations and assign them to your created player

FIFA 14 Youth Academy
FIFA 14 Youth Academy
Youth football and young players

FIFA 14 Women Football
Women’s Football
Women’s teams, players and leagues

FIFA 14 Stadium Editor
Stadium Creation Centre
An online/offline editor whereby you can create, design and edit your own stadium

FIFA 14 Technical Area
Technical Area (Cinematics)
Showing more cinematic scenes from your bench where your coach and other stuffs watching the game and sometimes showing their reactions

FIFA 14 Press Conference
Kiss Your Jersey Badge (Celebration)
This is one the most popular celebrations in real life

FIFA 14 Dynamic Weather
FIFA 14 Fully Dynamic Weather
A fully dynamic weather where a sunny day becomes suddenly dark (you can see the shadow of the clouds on the pitch) and it starts raining. Sometimes also a rainy condition could become sunny

FIFA 14 Active Fans
Active Fans
Fans could affect the game by being more active, For example, they could throw stuffs to the pitch and you could react to them – If your reaction is bad you could get booked by ref, or sometimes ref could stop/suspend the game

FIFA 14 International
International Tournaments
– FIFA World Cup
– FIFA Confederation Cup
– International Cups

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  • Anonymous

    Those are very good ideas but they sould also add the UEFA Champions league and the Europa League and the players should be more active on the field depending on their character and if their team is losing or not, for example contest the referees decisions and get in fights with other players

  • AliReza

    Also U23 and U20 national teams

  • kp

    If you have a motion sensor such as the kinect, you should be able to do your own specific celebration which would make online gaming better :)

  • Marc

    There Should be a mode on FUT where the black cards are IF and Bue Toty And Red TOTW which is team of the world and we should bring back Prime beckham prime henry Prime pele and also maybe have a career mode option with the team and the exacts season you would like to play and have it set up a bit like WWE Carreer mode where they pick what happens like make it a real tense battle for top 4 and players diving on purpose so ur players get sent off

  • KP

    More options to play 2versus2 with both on and offline friends. And better anti-cheat protection. Also i like to have the fake dive back into fifa, but it should be very difficult. And it would be awesome if there is a indoor football option again, like you had in FIFA 98 RTWC back in the days.

  • fifa lover

    please fifa why can’t everyone in your game have a game face. People don’t have to big players before the get there game faces . and ankle tapining please

  • The GreatWhite

    There is no way FIFA World Cup will be included due to it being a stand alone game itself :L Womans football would be interesting, but also somewhat demeaning. The Career mode still needs improving. The commentary is also quite poor, primarily towards the end of the season. Unrealistic match schedules and inconsistent player complaints make it a grueling campaign at times. What I would like to see is Team Interaction. So before a game or after you can give team talks. Off the pitch you can talk to those players whining and defend yourself other than just get hurled abuse at. Also a better press system. A few gameplay modifications would also benefit, as well as the way the players are on the pitch. It’s to unrealistic. The way they move about the park. If PES had a better gameplay mechanic then it would undoubtedly be the best Football Simulation around. Fifa needs to step up.

  • Kim B

    I would love if the salary actually could mean something.. Buy a pair of shoes to match your gameplay, buy a house/mansion to get better rest, buy a fancy car to get more ego boost, and so on… Now the salary dosnt mean anything at all… Great game anyways :)

    • laloohernandez

      this is fifa not sims

  • Ameer Lambrias

    You should be able to have a mode where you play as an existing player and you can request transfers and train, similar to Virtual Pro mode but you can play as an actual professional

  • alfred lilja

    Fifa 14 should have the real Champions League turnement with Theme song, emotions from the players and more realistic fans

    • amulya

      they cant, konami licensed the champions league.

    • CfcFan

      They call it the Champions Cup, it’s the same thing just a different name they can’t change that cause of what Amulya said.

  • gdog

    Its to easy online if people are winning to just pass the ball about at the back and ruin the game, cheats basically, this has to totally eradicated, also the dribbling is nonsence, if you have a player like Bale for example you cannot get the ball of him, this has to be more realistic, the defending needs fixed aswell, to many ‘glitch’ goals

  • tim

    Could have classic matches or classic old school players, like such greats as Bobby Moore, Pele, Keegan, Charlton, Charlie George, the list goes on.

  • JF

    When a player scores, the hole team must celebrate with him and not just one team member that touches the scorer. They must go to each other like barcelona for example scores. They go to each other and hole group gives each other a highfive or a hug.

    • Gary Johnson

      can you think of anything more pointless than that?

      • CfcFan

        You obviously don’t watch football. You probably call it soccer.

        • Gary Johnson

          How did you think of that?

  • Felipe Larocca

    J-League, plz EA

  • edgar garcia

    Liga de ascenso plz ea aka 2nd division Mexican league

  • Rory O Brien

    There should be a referee mode where you start in a low league like npower league 1 or 2 and if you referee the matches good you move up a league and referee more key matches but if you referee badly you referee less important matches like friendlies and you referee less competitive matches. EA sports please do this

    • davy


  • Cristiano Bonaldo

    Please allow us to dive and pressure refree to make it more realistic

    • Suraj Goel

      i dont think fifa would do that as they promote fair play

  • Cristiano Bonaldo

    Why not have a 1 man mode for example u can choose to be a player in a team then u can request transfers buy properties for yourself when match u can ask for the ball and when u pass the ball u will still control u and we should be allowed to have our own celebrations or refuse to play to make FIFA 14 more realistic than ever.

  • Tobias K

    Turkish league plzz

  • ouais

    hello, maybe start with the basics: stop unbalancing the game for whatever reason. Stop giving penalties for Real. Fix the referee issues (some people just kills your players but nothing happens). Stop having L1+triangle always in the feet of the players, etc.
    And yes, a real 2v2 would not be too much :)

  • disqus_El1qlB4ja5

    Players not getting injured so much not realistic !!!

  • joe

    create your own jersey for the upcoming season.that would be awesome.rather then stick to the same jersey for over 7 seasons.

  • joe

    improve on the managers job offers cause currently it sucks…even if u are the best manager in the world,u still cant get jobs offers like juventus chasing after you.

  • James

    It would be coolmif players over 30 dont go down overall as much.

  • tom

    Israel national team!!!

  • ggg

    need to include cinematic celebrations again. there is no feeling when u score a goal. if you score a goal the atmosphere should be better. and the option of cinematic celebrations or own celebration should be there.

  • brettmunyard

    more realistic crowd and fans there should be flares ect would make games mean more also would like to see real champions league with music ect think all the above in the video are good ideas aswel would like to be able to train your side and create your on stadium is the best idea ive heard

  • Srdjan

    Position trainings, like in PES. Player in RM position – training to play LM, or ST.

  • king

    it would be much fun if fifa brings champions league on fifa 14 :)

  • JM

    Stadium Creation center is must !!! with the rest of them as well. Add UEFA champions league, europa, europea championship licence :D with theme songs, scoreboards, intro

  • steven

    fifa 14 should have more skill mode and Have a halve naked man running around the field/interrupting games, as a glitch and set world records and fights and also EA giving better connection/server and futuristic..

  • Tik

    Should have battle mode. Upon entering the game, the fierce competition. When the fouls that a player must have great R Mrns So, we should have a button that controls the Sun Mrns tap or press a button to force a tap battle. To it and of course it could be fired from a red card to the field. I see a team try to consider it.

  • Tik

    I think if you combine FIFA 13 and FIFA Manager must be realistic and team manager mode, it must be fun for you. If this is not certain to win Pes.

  • LL

    Bribe the referee in some game modes, (not online) , the player can ask for cards for the other team. Let them try schwalbe , sometimes a streaker comes at the field or even a animal like a duck or a squirrel. Make your own dreamteam without paying real money like in FUT. If your team is playing bad your coach could get suspend.

  • Conto

    There should be some classic teams like Barcelona with Stoichkov, Arrigo Sacchi’s Milan, Man United’s treble winning side, Arsenal’s side from 2004, Real Madrid’s Galacticos, etc. It would be fun to play with such teams with friends.

  • steven

    put 1v1 online as a game mode and have celebrity as a team like (unlock)president,clown,robot, other. Customize stadium,future setting such as flying car,tall build,other.
    keep ultimate team the same but change some few things and put the game in PlayStation 4,


  • JasonKane

    i think on fifa 14 they should do the career mode a whole lot better by making it more real life like going to training doing training drills doing photoshoots and press conferences. Also on fifa 14 career mode you should be able to make your way through the academy and sigining for different clubs and that way it will better your pros life like buyinh him a home or a car with the wages you get also you should be able to communicate with your own team mates aswell for example of this game mode look at NBA 2K13

  • fifaCRITIC

    when defending you should be able to just hold a. It’s too easy you should contain the opposition manually not just have the computer do it for uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

    • sameguy as b4

      i meant you shouldnt be able to hold a(containing)

  • HBK


  • He Yo

    “Active fans”? Sure, while, playing Fifa, I’ve always waited for the referee to stop the game because there are too many fireworks on the pitch. That would be loads of fun while playing with friends…. oO Dynamic weather is a nice idea. :)

  • Jovan Forever-Young Clarke

    Sorry but most of these Enhancements does not significantly improve on core gameplay so they don’t really appeal to me.

    I want to see the long list of glitches fixed, defenders always challenging for headers, fix the lob-fest that FIFA 13 is, make defending actually require some skill, at least give us the option to skillfully cushion a difficult ball than making them randomly ricochet off our best players’ feet, make the fields as large as they should be (you have to remodel the entire stadia so what?), I can go on….

    Yo know whats annoying? When you have to wait forever to begin an online game because your opponent insists on watching team line ups and what not. That could easily become the loading screen.

  • Ivan

    More AFC national teams. There is only Korea DPR, India and Australia. I recommend EA to include Japan, Bahrain, Thailand, China, Indonesia etc.

  • Tony Hamz

    it will be nice if FIFA 14 has the following features:

    -All National Team (Maybe EA will do this for FIFA World Cup 2014, but as in 2012, EA merge this two game into one FIFA 12:UEFA Euro 2012 patch)

    -Authentic Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, etc.

    -Press conference in Manager Career Mode (I remember in FIFA 10 PS2 version had this)

    -More authentic Player Career Mode (Player cannot change the starting XI, press conference, and maybe react to ref’s and manager’s decision)

    -Create Tournament and League to play offline with friends

    -Authentic fans (Maybe like a really big banner inside the stadium)

    -Stadium creator

    -Scout can harvest youth player in all country over the world

    -More authentic injury (Maybe, because in my career mode the maximum injury is just some week and only 1-2 players in a season)

    -Authentic Manager face and subs in bench

    -Physio running on the field to get the injured player

    • Richard

      I often have bad injuries in carreer mode, In my second season at Manchester City I had to miss Aguero and Tevez at the same time for over 4 months. That’s not very pleasant, so don’t hope for it ;)

  • jeison

    The fifa 14, all selections should include practicing football “minimum”.

  • john

    Very good idea, Jeison. That would be a great advance in the game and, also, a trading strategy to combat the PES, which in this respect is very advanced.

  • randy

    The progression in career mode has to be more real, as players ‘old’, relatively, which is made ​​worse with the passage of time, whether or not having an excellent season. What I suggest, is that the progression and decrease of the attributes corresponding to the performance of the players and not their age. Also, I would like to not only progress your players, but that the other teams do so too. And where there is equal opportunity for any player to become a “star”.

  • CFCFan


  • jamijuul

    hair and jersey moves when you run. Many more real faces!

  • cesar rodriguez

    the ability to make a new kit for the next season
    (on career)
    thums up if you think that should be added

  • gustavo

    world and all the national teams football practice. not because it causes so interested in expanding the Premiership, with a fifth division, eye, do not say that this evil. but there is a hierarchy, ie first solve worry about more important issues, such as: internet connection, lack of players, the absence or minimal presence of national teams, etc.. What I mean is, that these issues are addressed first and then expand the experience of the game.

  • juan

    Incluyan a todos los jugadores y selecciones nacionales del futbol, por favor.

  • juan

    Include all players and national team football, please.

  • Lol

    I think that FIFA career mode should be a lot like the pes one like you can go to photoshoots and press conferences as well as do training and stuff like that it would be a more engaging experience if the media were more involved like in real life and you could voice your opinions to them

  • danny

    ucl and euro league and custom kits so we can create kits and to create teams plsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplsplspsl

  • Robin Nash

    Could make create a online league for you and your mates to compete

  • Lukeyboy

    -Realistic Champions League

    -Real cup draws e.g at wembley.

    -Proper youth academy

    -Club world cup

    -Introduction and conclusion to the match e.g alan shearer and so on intro to match team and manager speech
    – press conference

  • nima

    please please please create persian league in fifa 14 plase … very thanks

  • nima

    or iran national team

  • gbgbxbgfb

    to be able to play with your youth academy team

  • Will Pruitt

    Argue with the ref and controllable headers like if you cross you can press x for a regular header or press y and do a volley or something as well as creating your own team so you can name it and make a team badge and make your own kits and players as well as your own stadium and you can play it in kick off games and play split screen with your created teams and players offline

  • StanDern

    Updated player customization options like more hairstyles, double socks, being able to roll up the sleeves on a long sleeved jersey, different free kick animation options to select for your player, the ability like in 2K for your player’s name to be able to be said by the commentators not just their nickname, more realistic faces, jersey updates or the options to select jerseys from the past, more traits for the players, endorsements and stuff in career mode. like you can be endorsed by nike, adidas, puma, etc… like in 2K13.

  • Real

    They should show reactions of a player to a referee just like oil in copa del Rey

  • Real

    I mean ozil

  • Real

    They can also show managers getting booked or them fighting

  • MU

    They can add the Ecuadorean league since the international ecuador is doing really good in wcq and friendlies

    • Rodrigo Lara

      How about ascenso mx teams!

  • Santi Cazorla

    All good ideas except for creating a skill move and women’s football.

  • james

    should put more leagues in the scottish league

  • IC3BL1TZ


  • yuval agami

    please do a israelian league we are very much better than 4 league of england and we have better league than the saudi arabia league

  • yuval agami

    i think that you should do someting about the budget there is teams with too little money like man utd and monaco.also players dont need to get injured that quickly.the referees need to not wisel to fouls too much.and more active fans. and plz make an israelian league we have some pretty good teams.hapoel tel aviv won milan and chelsea. more realistic when buying players.this game is awsome i wrote a lot of comments that if you will take care of them it will be the best game evee!!!!!:)

  • yuval agami

    i cant play because prefesional is to easy for me and world class is to hard for me so i think that in any level you should do mini level like prefesional-easy,normal,hard

  • ehsanharatinejad

    Change the clothes team after a season in career.

  • ehsanharatinejad

    In this days, every body knows that Iran goes to Brazil please add Iran national team and persian league.

  • kia

    serbia league and be a pro:referee

  • Sean Pinno

    I reckon it would be decent if u cud change the players haircuts after every season, it would make it look like a proper fresh season.

  • Sean Pinno

    bigger and better variety of boots, such as warrior boots should be added, asics and more, the ability to change ur teams kit sponsor from adidas to nike or from puma to macron or umbro to le coq sportif after every season, if u r doing a player career the n I feel u shud be able to make ur own boots like Messi, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho av done, get sponsored by nike, adidas etc also the managers shud av real faces…

  • Sean Pinno

    release clauses

  • Sean Pinno

    more leagues such as the ukranian, the egyptian

  • Sean Pinno

    train before the match, build up rivalries

  • Sean Pinno

    wen a championship team is promoted the logo on their arm shud be changed to the premier league one, the same wit the FA cup and the capital one cup and the CL and Europa

  • Jeffers

    If they don’t include the Stadium Creator then I won’t be very happy. It’ll just be the same old generic stadiums for all the ‘smaller clubs’. It’s not fair that we can’t even relive playing as our favourite teams in the real stadium. I’d love it if the real stadiums were all made and put into the game, but having the option to make them ourselves will be more fun.

  • jc

    Not to harsh stat decay like a 12 point decay in one season
    A better atmosphere where the fans go wild
    Have the mls, mexican, brazilian and other american leagues connected like the teams in europe

  • jamal

    ok so i have a few suggestions to add
    1:there should be more south american leagues to make up the south american champions league in which could play the club world championship whoever wins the champions league
    2:on career mode you should be able to go to press conferences and talk to the media and go to training. also make the money more realistic too many small clubs have so much money its ridiculous and to make the wages as they are in real life i.e et’o getting 300k a week. the crowds should be louder more active and maybe for the banta pitch invasions, flares and chanting players names if they have just scored or if they are taking a penalty. they should obviously get more stadiums and make a stadium is a quality idea and maybe different stadiums bigger noise trust me it would be class if anfields crowd would sing “you will never walk alone”, there should be aloud to only change your alternate kit to whatever color but keep the logo and sponsor the same so you don’t get bored. also more competitions like the superliga (the winner of MLS and the winner of the Mexican league play eachother). more national teams around the world especially in Africa and in Asia also more leagues at least one African league and much more leagues. there should be more celebrations celebrate with the manager when you win a cup chuck the manager up in the air. there should the same amount off europa league and champions league places as real life i.e Portugal have 3 not 2. LASTLY NO FREEZING PLEASE FIX IT
    3 more realistic fifa give us something to work with. on ut if possible

    give this some votes so ea can see they have room for improvement :)

  • Dave j

    Must be able to scout youths in every country. Much better commentary. More commentary languages for announcers. It would be awaome to scout a country and land a thiery Henry or gabriel batistuta. Zidane. And when a certain Steven Gerrard retires you can wait one season and scout England to find him. Or your a team such as Lazio and scout Italy and find A. Nesta CB. Bring back lengands of the game. Have up to date stats as your career progresses. Not wait till may 1st for youth players to turn into Hulk. Have a youth team set up. Be able to watch games. Or go to other games to scout players. A better way to select players for international selection. With stats and form. In game real ness. Players complaining

  • Dave j

    Flares. Crazy people on the fences. Stamped celabration when Boca scores. Pre-game analysis. Louder chants so as it’s your at te game itself. Real ness stadium fans ball boys tv camaras security. If it’s a derby say inter Milan. Riot police would be cool. Real life managers like mourinho or van gaal to appoint for you team in career mode. Option of contract extension or termination. Since this is fifa that should be compliant for the game. Hear better news about raising stars around the world and offer then trails at your club. More leagues players avatars for players that do not have a face picture. Keep that lock players feature I love it. A better transfer set up. Option to see all transfers and in order of cost. That’s it for now.