FIFA 13 Guide – Defending Tips

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FIFA 13 Defending
They say attack is the best form of defence, but to win FIFA 13 online and offline matches you still need to be good at defending. Here are some FIFA 13 defending tips and tricks to help you prevent conceding goals in FIFA 13:

Have the Best Defenders
Choose the best defenders with the highest overall ranking. Go through your team squad and make a selection of the best. Usually taller and faster defenders are the best, but it completely depends on your team. Don’t forget to check players on the bench and in the reserve list if you have recently had any online updates.

Best Defending Formation
Technically, there is no best formation for defending. You are the one who decides which formation fits your team and your team’s strategy, however I suggest to not go for 3 defenders, have a minimum of 4 defenders. Some people choose 5, but I personally would choose 4. If you are planning to have a solid defence and to count on counter attacks, choose midfielders with defending skills.

FIFA 13 Defending Tips
Best Move
Use the contain button the most. Tackle (long) only when you are sure that you will get the ball. Use circle button only when your feet can reach the ball.

Block the Flanks
Don’t let your opponent cross the ball near to your goal from the sides. Having a wide defence line in FIFA 13 can help prevent crosses better.

Run to catch the ball, not to catch the player. Use the spaces around the attacker to reach the ball – especially when he is running on the sides.

Sometimes you need to leave CPU (AI) to control your defenders, don’t switch to any player who is close to the ball. Try to choose one and cover the spaces with that one instead of switching players quickly. Sometimes CPU does a better job than you. Use teammate contain at the right time while you are predicting your opponent’s next move and covering the spaces.

Don’t Forget to …
Relax. Don’t rush.

Bring the keeper out of his line when needed only and on time. In a one-on-one situation, try to trick the attacker by rushing the keeper and then release him, so your opponent gets confused and can’t make a quick decision while your defenders are covering the spaces.

Get familiar with switching players using the right stick.

Switch players on time and only when it’s needed.

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These FIFA 13 Tips written by Schahryar Fekri
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