Daily Exercise for Gamers

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Don’t forget that you need to move your body to stay healthy if you are spending most of your time playing video-games or working on computer.

Watch the instructions given in above video and follow the steps to do the stretching at least 3 times a day so your body stays healthy.

We recommend you to print out this daily exercise poster and hang it on your wall to order to keep doing it everyday.

Download it from here: www.footballtainment.com/daily-exercise-at-desk

FIFA 13 Guide – Defending Tips

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FIFA 13 Defending
They say attack is the best form of defence, but to win FIFA 13 online and offline matches you still need to be good at defending. Here are some FIFA 13 defending tips and tricks to help you prevent conceding goals in FIFA 13:

Have the Best Defenders
Choose the best defenders with the highest overall ranking. Go through your team squad and make a selection of the best. Usually taller and faster defenders are the best, but it completely depends on your team. Don’t forget to check players on the bench and in the reserve list if you have recently had any online updates.

Best Defending Formation
Technically, there is no best formation for defending. You are the one who decides which formation fits your team and your team’s strategy, however I suggest to not go for 3 defenders, have a minimum of 4 defenders. Some people choose 5, but I personally would choose 4. If you are planning to have a solid defence and to count on counter attacks, choose midfielders with defending skills.

FIFA 13 Defending Tips
Best Move
Use the contain button the most. Tackle (long) only when you are sure that you will get the ball. Use circle button only when your feet can reach the ball.

Block the Flanks
Don’t let your opponent cross the ball near to your goal from the sides. Having a wide defence line in FIFA 13 can help prevent crosses better.

Run to catch the ball, not to catch the player. Use the spaces around the attacker to reach the ball – especially when he is running on the sides.

Sometimes you need to leave CPU (AI) to control your defenders, don’t switch to any player who is close to the ball. Try to choose one and cover the spaces with that one instead of switching players quickly. Sometimes CPU does a better job than you. Use teammate contain at the right time while you are predicting your opponent’s next move and covering the spaces.

Don’t Forget to …
Relax. Don’t rush.

Bring the keeper out of his line when needed only and on time. In a one-on-one situation, try to trick the attacker by rushing the keeper and then release him, so your opponent gets confused and can’t make a quick decision while your defenders are covering the spaces.

Get familiar with switching players using the right stick.

Switch players on time and only when it’s needed.

Read also some FIFA 13 Winning Tips to win at FIFA 13. Check out FIFPlay free FIFA 13 Tips and Tricks page as well. You can also download FIFA 13 Premier Guide.

These FIFA 13 Tips written by Schahryar Fekri

FIFA 13 Guide – Winning Tips

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FIFA 13 Guides

Are you looking for some tips and tricks to beat your opponents in FIFA 13? Here are some guides and tutorials for you to follow in FIFA 13 to become a pro player:

Form the Best Team
Get the best and high-ranked players of your squad in your starting eleven. Choose the second tops for the bench. Don’t forget that FIFA 13 updates its squad database regularly from EA online database, so you need to change your starting line-up based on the latest updates. Sometimes the best players can be found in your reserve list due to real world update – as they might be injured in the real world but you can definitely use them in your FIFA 13 squad. So, check your reserved players as well after any update.

Strikers are very important. Select the ones with high skills. Tall strikers are good for scoring on crossing. Also, get the ones that have good shooting skills, in FIFA 13 shots from outside or inside the penalty box have high chance to touch the back of the net. This could be also useful if you have the attacking midfielders with good shooting skills. Try to have a combination of good headers and good shooters in your forward.

Choose the best formation that you are more comfortable with. Usually default formations of the big teams are good by default, but feel free to change your formation as many times as you want even during the game. Suggested formation is 4-3-1-2, but it completely depends on you.

Play Dynamically
Do not stick with only a method of scoring. Try to have more than five or six ways to score goals. Learn how to score a goal from a very random situation, be prepared to turn any chance to a goal scoring opportunity. Professional players can read your strategy and block your scoring tactics and strategies. You should always surprise them by coming up with a new scoring tactic.

FIFA 13 Tricks

Work on Set-pieces
Learn how to score from a free-kick directly and indirectly. A Corner kick is really a good chance to score in FIFA 13. Be prepared to score even when your corners are blocked as long as you have the ball inside the box.

Be good at dribbling, go to FIFA 13 Skills Games mode and play the interactive tutorials for dribbling. Do not forget that you don’t need to always sprint (to hold R2) when you are on the ball or even off the ball.

Things to Remember …
On crossing and corners kicks, you don’t need to hold R2 (sprint button) to do a header or to kick the ball to the goal.

Don’t send the ball too far on goal kicks, try to (long) pass the ball to your midfielders or defenders in the middle of your half using the long pass button – preferably on the sides.

No need to switch to every possible player to catch the ball for defending. Switch only to one player and be more concentrated on that one to block the free players of the attacking team that have the chance to receive the ball. Don’t worry, your teammates are controlled by CPU automatically until they catch the ball, sometimes they do a better job than you do. You can also use the contain button (R1) to control them – to send them to the attacking player.

Be good at defending. Read some FIFA 13 Defending Tips.

Still looking for more tips? Check out FIFPlay free FIFA 13 Tips page. You can also download FIFA 13 Manual.

FIFA 13 Tips written by Schahryar Fekri

Health Tips: Eye Health For Gamers & Computer Users

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Eye Health
Eye health is very important for computer users and gamers. If you make your living looking at screens such as computer screen, TV or mobile and table screens, you should be more careful of your eyes. Here are some tips that you should follow to make sure that you do not damage your eyes while working on computers or watching any digital screens:

• Keep a fair distance between your eyes and the screen, recommended distance is no shorter that 30-40cm

• Your room should have a moderated light. It should not be too dark or too bright

• Adjust your screen brightness. Don’t make it too bright or too dark. Decrease the brightness if your eyes get tired.

• Adjust the font size if you are reading text. Don’t make it too small, large fonts are better to catch by your eyes.

• Rest your eyes regularly. Take frequent breaks and avoid looking at any screens for a while.

• Eat healthy. Eat foods which are good for the eyes such as carrot, broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Health Tips: Broccoli Benefits

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Broccoli is very healthy. It contains a high amount of potassium, which helps maintain a healthy nervous system, this also helps your brain function better.

Broccoli also contains calcium and magnesium that help regulate your body blood pressure. Broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol, a powerful antioxidant compound which helps cancer prevention.

If you are playing football or doing any any type of daily exercise, the high amount of potassium inside the broccoli can promote your regular muscle growth.

Broccoli is also recommended to gamers and computer users as it is healthy also for eye health.

Health Tips: MSG Disadvantages

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Monosodium Glutamate Disadvantages
Monosodium Glutamate (also known as MSG or E621) is a food additive that makes your food tastier. But this chemical flavor enhancer which is very common in fast foods, snacks, canned foods and frozen foods, has many disadvantages and can cause headaches, dry mouth, flushing, tightening of facial muscles, numbness, tingling, chest pain, heart palpitations, nausea and general weakness and also hair loss.

Try to avoid taking daily Monosodium Glutamate. If you are cooking at home, add no or less MSG to your food. If you are eating outside, ask for no MSG foods or before you order your food, check the ingredients of your food.

Don’t forget that MSG also known as Monosodium Glutamate (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and its chemical code is E621. Some snacks or canned food only put it’s chemical code (E621) in their ingredient list.

Paper Football – Penalty Kick Game

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Paper Soccer Penalty Game

In this post, we will teach you how to make a paper penalty kick game using paper goals and your fingers. This game is a 2-player game and simulate a penalty shootout situation in real football.

How to make paper goal post

Paper Goal
First off, you need to make a paper goal post:

– Take a piece of paper (A4 or letter size)
– Fold it in the middle
– Fold each corner so at the both ends you have a triangle shape
– Fold each side (triangle) halfway – 90 degrees so it can stand on them
– Now turn it around … That is it!

You can download the goal post paper template from this link

How to Play
After your goal post is ready, you need a paper ball. Make a paper ball and use your fingers to kick it to the goal. The best distance to put the paper ball from the goal is between 15cm and 20cm.
Make sure you follow the rules so you can enjoy the game better.

– Only two fingers to be used (For kicking and goal keeping)
– Each players can only take 5 kicks – First player should take all 5 kicks at once then the second player can take his/her 5 kicks afterward
– If there is no winner after first round, the next rounds will have only 3 kicks until there will be a winner

The view below is explaining this how to and the rules in one take:

FIFA 14 Wishlist – The Best Of

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The best of FIFA 14 Wishlist selected from user-submitted ideas at FIFPlay FIFA 14 Wishlist page.

The best ideas listed below have been submitted before 20th October 2012. You can submit your ideas for FIFA 14 at FIFPlay.com at www.fifplay.com/fifa14-wishlist

In the video below you can see the summary of the best FIFA 14 ideas:

FIFA 14 Best Ideas

FIFA 14 Press Conference
FIFA 14 Press Conferences and Interviews
After match interviews and press conference where you can answer media questions either a a team coach or a player

FIFA 14 Motion Editor
Motion Studio
An editor which allows you to design your very own skill moves as well as your celebrations and assign them to your created player

FIFA 14 Youth Academy
FIFA 14 Youth Academy
Youth football and young players

FIFA 14 Women Football
Women’s Football
Women’s teams, players and leagues

FIFA 14 Stadium Editor
Stadium Creation Centre
An online/offline editor whereby you can create, design and edit your own stadium

FIFA 14 Technical Area
Technical Area (Cinematics)
Showing more cinematic scenes from your bench where your coach and other stuffs watching the game and sometimes showing their reactions

FIFA 14 Press Conference
Kiss Your Jersey Badge (Celebration)
This is one the most popular celebrations in real life

FIFA 14 Dynamic Weather
FIFA 14 Fully Dynamic Weather
A fully dynamic weather where a sunny day becomes suddenly dark (you can see the shadow of the clouds on the pitch) and it starts raining. Sometimes also a rainy condition could become sunny

FIFA 14 Active Fans
Active Fans
Fans could affect the game by being more active, For example, they could throw stuffs to the pitch and you could react to them – If your reaction is bad you could get booked by ref, or sometimes ref could stop/suspend the game

FIFA 14 International
International Tournaments
– FIFA World Cup
– FIFA Confederation Cup
– International Cups

We will be updating this FIFA 14 best ideas page based on FIFA 14 Wishlist page regularly. You can submit your ideas for FIFA 14 at www.fifplay.com/fifa14-wishlist

FIFA 14 news also can be found at www.fifplay.com/fifa14